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Refresh your makeup this season

Refresh your makeup this season Makeup is like food…it has a shelf life. After its expiration date, you shouldn’t...

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Refresh your makeup this season

Edito x November

Despite November and the still uncertain times, let’s keep positive vibes flowing: we found tips, insights, workouts and books to keep you feeling a little more sane. Check out our article on the Japanese concept, ikigai and you might just find your ‘purpose in life’, or try the ‘burn 500 calorie workout’, or read up on skin peeling for a smoother, fresher complexion. Not to mention tasting those scrumptious sweet things in Bontemps in the Marais! After you’ve worked out of course 😉 Let’s use this time to learn a few things, clean up our homes, keep the love handles at bay and just be thankful for being healthy. Enjoy the content and see you in December for some real holiday cheer.

Roll on Xmas! kisses, bises, besos, In&Out team