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09 . 07 . 20

Easy-peasy ways to get back to healthy eating post lockdown

As we begin to get back to normal with lockdown restrictions coming to an end, try to find ways to restore rhythm into your regular working life and your diet. It’ll help you get back on track to a healthier, happier routine. Here are a few simple things to think about when it comes to your eating habits.

In case you didn’t know, that means, ‘keep it simple, stupid.’ So while we were at home, we experimented with new recipes and let our ‘inner Nigella’ out as we all became domestic goddesses baking soda bread and fairy cakes nonstop. That was great! But let’s dial it down a bit now that lockdown is ending. Let’s make it easy on ourselves. Keep meals simple. Make easy recipes for some meals and then go all out for dinner meals for special occasions.

2. Only eat what you can
As a kid your mum may have told you to ‘finish everything on your plate’ but sometimes we don't feel like eating an entire meal. A smoothie or a heavy snack often suffices and satiates our appetite. And that’s OK. If you don’t feel like eating a full meal don’t. Of course, be sure to consult a dietitian or nutritionist before ditching meals on a regular basis.

3. Reinvent your leftovers
Why cook every meal from scratch? What about that quinoa salad you made yesterday that’s now in the fridge? Get creative. Turn your leftovers into something else by adding a spicy sauce or veggie or protein to it. Leftovers are a great way not only to use what you have but save money and you’ll feel better about the environment too.

4. Go on be daring!
When it comes to easy recipes for working people, there are a tonnes of options that can be found. There's no time like now to try out some new recipes, if you find your old ones boring or too time-consuming. It’s the way the food is cooked and how it tastes that makes a difference to our habits. Go