Declutter your life

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Declutter your life

Declutter your home and you’ll declutter your head.

What is clutter exactly? It’s described as anything that is kept, even though not used, needed or wanted and as having a disorganized and overwhelming amount of possessions in our living space, cars or storage areas. Clutter creates stress that has three major biological and neurological effects on us—our cortisol levels, our creativity and ability to focus, and our experience of pain. Physical clutter can cause mental clutter in our brains.

We believe that’s one thing we can rid our minds of in order to get on with our lives. And in these confusing times, who needs more stress? With that in mind, here’s how you can declutter your house, easily and effectively.

5 steps to help you declutter your house

1. Toss it
In every area you organize, start by tossing the obvious trash. Expired coupons, empty used envelopes, bottles, out! The physical space that trash takes up hinders your ability to make good decisions about the rest of it. Reducing the volume of stuff first will help the end result last.
2. Non-kitchen Items should be out of the kitchen
This applies to every room, not just the kitchen. Create a pile of stuff that belongs in another room. For example, all the toys go in the kids’ room pile, and all the tools go in the garage pile. So now that you have your piles, make the trips to the other rooms with the appropriate stuff in your hands. Leave it there, even if it doesn’t have an official home yet. Seems very obvious but once done, you’ll see the difference.
3. Don’t just tidy reading material, chuck it!
Reading material tends to pile up in the living room. Don’t just minimize by adding to neat piles. Throw them out. If you do read them, then keep them for a week and then out with the trash.

4. Bathroom is not a storage room.
How many old mascaras have you got? And that blue eye shadow that you haven’t used in years? Quickly toss all unused open items. Even toss out all those expired medications. With a bit of clear space, you can focus on turning your bathroom into a wonderful relaxing sanctuary.
5. Let it go!
Your home can be notorious for harbouring lots of clutter. Ask yourself, do I really need this right now or next week? If not, let it go!

Use it or lose it!

• Think about what you use, and what you love – all the rest is clutter.
• Clear one room at a time – empty every drawer and cupboard and make a judgment on every item.
• Create a home for everything, and store like with like.
• Always put things back in their rightful place. Don't buy any more storage until you've thoroughly decluttered.
• Once you've decluttered, get things out of the door.
• Donate furniture, old clothes and electrical appliances to charities (see link below).
• Don't feel guilty about getting rid of something just because somebody gave it to you, or you spent a lot of money on it. Everything has an expiration date!

Don’t just throw it out!
Recycle it. Give it to charity.

One of the largest charity groups in France, Emmaüs has thrift shops and collection points around Paris, including over 20,000 “Relais” containers where you can drop off your used clothing, shoes, or small household items. And if you’re feeling in a generous mood, you can make a financial donation online or sign up to volunteer (their website is only in French).