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12 . 08 . 20

Plank it!

So C-19 is to blame for you gaining a wine belly, that extra tyre and those lockdown love handles you really hate. Two words: Plank it! The plank exercise benefits the hips, shoulders, spine, and posterior chain (backside of the body). Plus, it helps to improve full-body stabilization not to mention defining your abs.

Simply do this plank exercise every morning before or after breakfast and in two weeks you’ll see and feel a difference. The longest you’ll hold your plank is three minutes. This may seem impossible on day one, but by practicing them every day, you’ll be able to do this easily in no time. Never done a plank? Now is the time to start. No gym, no equipment, and just takes 3 minutes…nothing compared to the plank world record which lasted 8+ hours and achieved by 62 year-old marine, George Hood in February of this year. Hats off to ya George!

Stop your wining, or rather whining and whinging. Down on the floor. Click here. No excuses. (You can thank us later.)