Go out


05 . 08 . 20

Hold your horses! Not everywhere is open.

Before you pack that suitcase or get too excited about taking off, take a look at Time Out’s interactive ‘Reopen Europa’ site which tells you which countries have reopened and what you can do there.

This nifty site tells you which nationalities can get in, to what extent you can travel internally, what transport you can use, whether you need to quarantine, and whether you need to take a test or provide a negative test result to get in. It also tells you whether shops, visitor accommodation, restaurants, bars, cafés, beaches and museums are allowed to reopen in any given destination.

Going further than Europe? Click on the link below, type in a country you’re dying to visit and find out if the borders are open, what rules and restrictions are currently in place for travellers, whether public transport is running in the country and if restaurants, bars and attractions are currently open or not. Then search for countries that are currently actively welcoming tourists from anywhere in the world, like Slovenia. Now you know, get packed…oh and don’t forget to pack as many masks as bikinis. Bon voyage!