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Something to rave about: ‘Electronics’

Something to rave about:
‘Electronics: Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers’ at London Design museum

If you’re stuck in London (or happen to live there), here’s an expo that will take you away from the craziness of our reality into another world…that of electronic music and raving.

From the minute you step into the expo, you get a feel for the electronic world. From this history of gadgets and lab like experiments to the breath-taking Andreas Gursky’s photos capturing throngs of ravers in Dusseldorf in 1995, the expo goes all out to transport you to this world. If you’re a die-hard Kraftwerk fan, sit down and enjoy the, ‘We are the Robots’ 3D video of their 2017 tour. Simply brilliant!

What becomes clear is that electronic’s birth started way before Kraftwerk we’re ever conceived. The timeline begins in 1901 with the first ever synthesizer, and whizzes through decades of innovation. From maverick experimenters in labs to pop breakthroughs of Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Jean-Michel Jarre and Jeff Mills from the Chicago rave era.
But perhaps the coolest thing about the expo was learning about this woman, Daphne Oram. The be-specked, ‘secretary like’ spinner, was one of the first British composers to produce electronic sound and became a central figure in the evolution of electronic music. Imagine Daphne spinning her electronica sounds at Glastonbury today.

Pulsing to the beat of themes specially mixed by French DJ Laurent Garnier, as well as strobe lighting and video synchronized with music, everything about the expo makes you feel the real rave ambiance. And just to finish it all, ending with the addictive Chemical Brothers’ ‘Gotta Keep On’ (with those adorable all pink Michelin-like dancers) where you can rave on the dance floor, was the perfect exit!

Electronic: from Kraftwerk to the Chemical Brothers is at the Design Museum, London, from 31 July–14 February 2021.