A new beauty Buzz Trend: EAR MAKEUP!

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26 . 05 . 20

A new beauty Buzz Trend:

Looks as though make-up is no longer limited to the face.

We thought the world had reached peak contouring with neck slimming and cleavage sculpting, but it seems the trend for making- up odd body parts isn’t over yet. Ear makeup is now a thing and it’s surprisingly pretty.

Creative make-up fans are becoming more experimental with their beauty looks, which is inspiring new colour applications that go beyond the face. Playful and artistic, this look will appeal to Gen Z and young Millennials who want to make a bold impact on- and off-screen. Makeup artists are going for a sort of jewelry look. Kind of like a second-skin ear cuff and have ventured even further to what they call a silver or gold statement ear.