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09 . 07 . 20

Mask a Fashion Statement

It looks like we’re going to be wearing cloth face masks for a while, which is all the more reason to find one that you like. Given the prevalence of mask selfies, masks are quickly becoming fashion items, rather than merely functional. In the past few months, celebrities and models began posting selfies in their masks on social media. Without premieres or the umpteen award shows to go to, most celebs these days are seen doing the same stuff as the rest of us, like walking their dogs or going grocery shopping.

So why hide your inner mask fashionista? Express yourself when you walk out the door with a mask that’s fashionable and functional. Invest in a few washable masks that are built to last and even look good, in their own weird, new ‘normal’ way. Check out a few face masks you can pre-order or buy online right now.

With over 100 masks starting at 9€ (£8.15), Sleefs have been making face coverings like sports neck gaiters for years. Now they’re producing cloth masks in bulk numbers including basic and single-color masks or more intricately patterned masks designed with ergonomic stitching. Many of these masks also have filter pockets for enhanced safety. Take a look and see what suits you.


Now for something different. Handmade by a local Nashville artist behind the apparel company Emlee, these masks feature a trendy two-tone pattern cut to fit your face. Each mask is hand-sewn by local seamstresses using deadstock linen, cotton, and hemp fabrics and lined with 100% USA-made cotton twill for comfort. There’s something so beautifully organic about it and since it’s so sustainable, you’ll feel even better wearing it.


Tired of seeing the disposable medical blue masks everywhere? Want something a little more you? Create your own custom face mask using your own artwork or text through Zazzle. Choose a black or white cotton base, then upload your own image or play around with Zazzle’s text formatting tool, and voilà! You’ve designed very own mask. Plus, they’re 100% premium cotton, very comfortable and so lightweight you might enjoy wearing them more.


For even more mask inspo, take a look at Etsy’s latest stylish homemade masks to find one that suits you best.