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02 . 09 . 20

Renew your thinking not your wardrobe this season

Renew your thinking not your wardrobe this season
4 ways to slow down ‘fast fashion’

They say, ‘less is more’. And having recently cleaned out my closet, I have to agree. How many pairs of jeans do you really need? And that cool winter coat from last year, why can’t you wear it again? If we look at our overindulged wardrobes, we might realize that we don’t wear half the clothes we buy. That’s why I’m not buying a stitch this year. Here’s a few simply ways you can start slowing down fast fashion.

#1 Just Say ‘No’
This may sound harsh, but you just have to say ‘no’ to fast fashion. That means walking past those favourite fashion stores we see on all high streets in all big cities. Not easy but remember fast fashion brands offer consumers cheaper prices because of their employees’ working conditions not to mention eco-unfriendly practices. Wearing them means you’re supporting them. #2 Go with longer lasting brands
My mum used to say something I never quite understood, ‘I can’t afford to buy cheap’. In other words, why buy something that you only get one season out of? It’s all about quality. So, think slow because while slow fashion brands are more expensive, in the long run these brands are made to last and save you money over time. Brands like Patagonia, Levis, Everlane, etc. So, invest in fewer, better made staples. And just think about all that extra space in your closet.

#3 Don’t own? Rent!
Have a wedding, cocktail party or black-tie event coming up but don’t have a big budget to splash out? No worries. Rent! There’s an entire rental world out there that offers the most unique designer clothes, handbags and accessories at great prices. So, if you’re a penniless fashionista who’s determined to be the belle of the ball, try these sites for wonderful designer pieces and shoes at wonderful prices!


#4 Be a true vintage
You’ve two choices. Be a sheep or be unique? Set yourself apart from the crowd by embracing vintage and you’ll not only stand out, you’ll probably be wearing better quality clothing and of course slowing down the fast fashion problem. Remember, consumerism is damaging our planet. Our love for fast, cheap fashion is one of the biggest impacters. So be unique. From clothing swaps to consignment stores, there are tons of ways to slow down the staggering amount of clothes we send to landfills. And you’ll save money and still be a conscious consumer at the same time.