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18 . 09 . 20

‘Toi, Moi, Soi on y va !’

‘Toi, Moi, Soi on y va !’

"I was born in France,
You were born in the United States.
I agree,
You don't agree.
I don't agree,
You agree.
I speak from the heart,
You talk sense.
I draw and create,
You sell and analyze.
My head's in the stars,
You're down to earth."

Isn’t that cool?! So cool that I think it’s probably the best way to introduce this creative sister act behind the wonderful silk brand, Soi Paris. This small grassroots brand doesn’t just create beautiful original silk clothes, they create stories…stories you can wear called ‘Print Stories’. Julia, the ‘imaginative creative’ sister, makes all her prints by hand. She starts with drawings, painting or making montages from photos. And the inspiration can come from anywhere like "Mamie Odette" which was inspired by a recipe for artichokes in orange that their great-grandmother used to make.

Then Aurélie, (‘rational’ sis), is quick to remind us that only top silk is used for their garments. Whether it’s crepe, twill or silk chiffon, all silks are carefully woven by silk specialists in Shanghai, created organically by silkworms with 100% traceability, impeccable quality and a recognized environmental and social commitment.

So, if you’re thinking of treating yourself to something that’s beautiful, original, and feels as good on your skin as it is for the environment, try Soi Paris.