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06 . 03 . 20

Beauty takes the Marie Kondo approach to Skin Care and frees up your shelf space

It was only a matter of time before we began Marie Kondo-ing our overcrowded shelves. With the pendulum swinging back from 10-step K-beauty skin-care routines, even the biggest Korean beauty houses are introducing more abbreviated ranges and multitaskers called “skip-care”.

We no longer need to introduce you to Marie Kondo. The pope of storage looks after our interiors to make them more pleasant to live in through sorting and organization.

The author of the best-selling book The Magic of Storage is now on Netflix where she shares her valuable tips in Tidying up with Marie Kondo.

In an exchange with Allure Magazine, Kondo revealed that decluttering your products has the ability to make you look at yourself and the beauty industry in a new way:

“Something I learned from working with so many people’s bathrooms and helping people organise makeup is that really going through our makeup products raises our awareness of what we think about beauty,” Kondo said.

"For a lot of my clients, organising products the KonMari way, it’s an opportunity for people to really think about their relationship with beauty and what they aspire to, and I’ve seen people make drastic changes after tidying their bathroom or vanity.”

The tidying expert explained that the best way to simplify your beauty arsenal is to start by taking everything out of storage and grouping products into categories including lipsticks, eyeshadows, and so on. She then suggests asking yourself: “Which ones bring me joy in this time in my life?
Does this product make me beautiful right now?”

Marie Kondo has impressed with her tiding skills, and neat folds, but also with her beauty and skincare hacks.

The Japanese organiser follows a very simple yet effective skincare routine, to ensure she has radiant skin when on camera. In make-up, Japanese beauty emphasizes translucent-looking skin. This can only be achieved by staying away from the sun and following a daily routine of applying a toner and lotion at the end of the day. Marie Kondo religiously practices this basic approach to everyday skin care, which is the reason why she maintains such beautiful skin.

“My approach to beauty is more focused on the condition of my skin and body, so that could be interpreted as a simple and minimalistic approach” she said.
It is also her healthy eating plan that plays a major part in achieving glowing skin, as her meals are loaded with vitamins and digestive enzymes.

A method admittedly simplified that requires a certain amount of discipline perfectly summed up in her mantra “Gain confidence in life through the magic of tidying”.