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26 . 08 . 20

Get to the root of a natural scalp detox

A what? A scalp "detox" is basically a method of massaging the scalp by brushing or using an exfoliating scrub, which helps rid dead skin cells, unclog scalp pores, and clear product build-up from the hair follicles. Best of all, detoxing the scalp can also help relieve itching, dandruff, and other forms of irritation.

Detox Your Scalp 101
Believe it or not, the best way to start to remove debris from the scalp is to simply brush your hair! By brushing your hair before bed, a shower, or a workout, you can start removing debris and start the exfoliation process. If you already brush your hair and still feel it’s got build up, try these wonderful, all-natural DIY ingredients. They’ll save you money and it’s always good to have some all-natural staples in the house.
• Aloe Vera Gel. Everyone knows aloe vera gel as a skin soother, however, it is the gel’s proteolytic enzymes that break down dead skin cells and promote healing. It also has conditioning and anti-itch properties that are extra beneficial for the scalp.
• Apple Cider Vinegar. Gotta love this stuff. Rich in balancing alkaline nutrients that are ideal for the scalp’s pH level, (should be around 5.5), ACV also contains hair-boosting components such as vitamin B and C. Additionally, it provides anti-inflammatory properties – aka dandruff reduction. Just be sure to dilute it so you don’t smell like a sour salad dressing!
• Bentonite Clay. Typically comes in powder form and is loaded with pore-purifying and oil-zapping minerals that are great for clarifying the scalp.
• Ginger. This root plant has the potential to create heat through metabolic stimulation which helps heal the scalp.
• Sugar. This a great ingredient to look for as the key exfoliant. It buffs away sebum and product build-up while hydrating the scalp. Just don’t scrub too hard, your scalp is delicate.

Make your own DIY Scalp Detox
Scalp massages also help your blood to detox by carrying away toxins from the scalp and eliminating them from your body via the detox organs. Besides, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a scalp massage! Here’s a quick recipe that’s smells heavenly and works wonders on tired, itchy scalps.
• ¼ cup of coconut oil or a
• 4 drops of peppermint oil
• 4 drops of rosemary essential oil
• 4 drops of vetiver oil

1. Mix all oils in a small glass bowl
2. Dip fingers into bowl and massage scalp gently
3. Massage in a circular motion to cover all areas
4. Place a shower cap on head and leave in your hair overnight
5. Wash in the morning with your shampoo
6. Do this at least once a week for 3 months
If you still experience an itchy sensitive scalp, you may have a skin condition like psoriasis. So go see your dermatologist to be sure.