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13 . 03 . 20

Inside Out & Topsy Turvy

How can a flower ever blossom without water, fertilizer and sunshine? Same schema. The In & Out is about getting your hands dirty to clean up the mess you can’t see beneath the skin. Which is why I’ve stopped forcing products down my pores and decided to take things to a much deeper level. We often forget that your cells are also living organisms that need to eat! When they tell you beauty comes from the inside, they weren’t messing around. That’s what the In & Out is all about. Treating the inside of your body and mind before seeing results on the outside.

The core idea of the In & Out is similar to that of feng shui in relation to the effects over body and mind. As it turns out, when you have a healthy mentality, you attract positivity in your relationships with others. The psychological outcome is rather simple: be at peace with your body and the world will be at peace with you. That’s where spiritual elements like Ayurvedic medicine and yogic breathing come into play. It’s no wonder acupuncture has lifted weights from so many people’s shoulders.

Metaphorically speaking, the In & Out does just that. Even Demi Moore has addressed the emotional impact involved in her book entitled Inside Out. Because as much as we wish for osmosis to be true in beauty, turns out we’ve had things upside down. Don’t get me wrong, makeup is an amazing tool but won’t really make me beautiful.

Read it and weep. It appears that the “just add water” method has planted its seed in the new-age cosmetic world. As a child I remember watching Alice in Wonderland dramatically grow with one simple cup of tea. “Drink Me”. What a magical way to solve beauty problems. Say adieu to your go-to mojito and sex on the beach. The internet research bar is filling up with requests like “drinks for clear skin”. Now that’s a happy hour in which I can rejoice.

The overwhelming amount of super foods and drinks that are suddenly appearing on the market don’t represent just a simple trend. Our northern friends in Scandinavia and Canada will tell you they’ve been sipping on birch tree sap for centuries past. The miracle elixir these pioneers discovered is rich in minerals and contains antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase, a natural detox that rids your body of free radicals.

According to Grand View Research, the nootropics market is expected to reach $4.94bn by 2025. But topical beauty requires patience. It means depending on wellness ingestibles like fish oil supplements to do the true work your concealer merely camouflages. The In & Out daily routines have you waking with anti-inflammatory turmeric lattes and going to sleep with overnight cell-renewal restorative supplements.

Where is the downtime you might ask? Relaxing at an afternoon meditation class or purifying your home with some sage burning. And the feel-good effects are contagious. I’ve even got my man popping French brand Aime’s men supplements for energy & skincare. Their motto? “Happy gut, happy skin”. And as for me, happy girlfriend.