Refresh your makeup this season

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Refresh your makeup this season

Refresh your makeup this season

Makeup is like food…it has a shelf life. After its expiration date, you shouldn’t put expired makeup (foundation, eye shadow, mascara etc) on your face, as it might cause an infection or clog your pores, leading to acne. However, there are ways to reuse it, without having to throw it out. You’ll not only save yourself money, but you’ll feel good about getting creative and being more sustainable. Take a look.

A mascara wand is magical!
When your mascara runs out or becomes too thick to use, don’t throw away the mascara wand. A mascara wand is a really useful beauty tool! Gently wash off all the excess mascara with warm soapy water and let air dry. Then use it to shape your eyebrows and tame stray hairs by spraying it with a little hairspray and combing through the stragglers. Here’s another tip. Want even longer, luscious lashes? Use your old mascara wand to apply castor oil or Vaseline nightly to your lashes and see how this helps stimulate growth.

Create your nail polish shade this season
Have an old eye shadow that has expired? Don’t throw it out yet! Crush up the shadow and add it to a clear nail polish for a totally unique colour. You can even mix shades together for something exciting or use old glitter pigments for a gorgeous high shine polish. OPI or Dior will never have the same!

Revive your lippie!
Notice your creamy lipstick has dried out a little? No need to throw it out. Give it a new life as a tinted lip balm. Simply melt down the lipstick on a hot spoon and combine with some Vaseline for a gorgeous lip therapy, with a touch of colour. Perfect for Autumn when lips can be a little dry after sun exposure.

Nail varnish isn’t just for nails
Have a nail varnish that’s so gloopy you can’t be apply it on your nails? Use it to sparkle up the likes of photo frames, tea light holders and tiles. You can also use it on birthday cards to give it that personal touch.

Lip balm for nails
Lip balm that can no longer be used on the lips, can still be used as a nourishing product. Use it on nail cuticles to keep them soft and supple. It’s also great for hard skin on the feet to help soften up the skin, as well as preventing shoes from rubbing and causing blisters.