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19 . 08 . 20

Sweeter Dreams with Benu Blanc

We all know the benefits of getting your Zzz’s to feel and look refreshed. But did you know that what you’re sleeping on is key. And we’re not talking about the mattress. It’s all about the pillows…silk pillows to be more precise. According to top dermatologists, silk helps keep moisture close to your skin and helps skin stay more hydrated than other fabrics. That’s not all. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can help reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and keep hair untangled so you can avoid that bedhead in the morning.

No one knows this better than the French slumber experts, Benu Blanc. Based in Grenoble, France, their beauty linen combines silk and complementary products to enhance your well-being and beauty. Along with French craftsmanship and technological innovation, they offer relaxing ‘night rituals’ like no one else. The Nuit de Soie luxurious silk pillowcase range comes in a variety of soothing colours and sizes. And to take care of your pillowcase and help you sleep even better, they offer Neo-pearls care mists that come in Bergamot Mimosa, Woody Vetiver and Orange Blossom. Simply mist your silk pillow cases before bedtime for a sense of well-being, nourished skin, and softened hair during your sleep.

So, before you spend a fortune on an over-promising eye cream, invest in BB’s soft, smooth, silk pillowcases and other slumber treats that your skin and hair will love. And since their fine silk is so luxurious, you’ll look forward to getting into bed even more every night. Ah the sweet nectar of slumber!