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15 . 01 . 20

What is beyond positive pro ageing?

Let’s FaceTime Together

And I’m not talking about your phone calls. I’m talking dermal fillers. Why? Because it’s time we collectively confront Chronos, he who has decided we’re not getting any younger.

Aesthetic procedures have acquired a fundamentally new reputation: empowering both young and old to preserve the appearance they desire. The numbers are in and societal codes have radically changed when it comes to Hyaluronic Acid injections.

In a quantitative Arcane survey, we learn that 824 out of 8,646 women aged 18-75 have already tested aesthetic procedures. And for many positive reasons. Notably because we end up with more wrinkles fighting against the signs of time, rather than working to enhance them.

Feel Good Filler

It’s not plastic surgery, it’s aesthetic medicine.

The impact of aesthetic medicine on self-esteem is nothing short of groundbreaking. This correlation between dermal fillers and positive self-esteem is frequently accounted for within the scientific community.

Keep Calm and Rejuvenate

What was once considered taboo, is no longer such a sore subject. The rather archaic stigma behind facial injections as a faux pas has dissolved away, now thriving on all levels from generations A to Z. As a matter of fact, today it isn’t uncommon to openly address aesthetic procedures in order to demystify the ageing process.

This initiative can be explained by a desire to increase awareness in wellness domain and by a drive to constantly better oneself. The rise of aesthetic procedures is greatly due to their accessibility for those who search a scalpel-free, noncommittal and less-invasive solution.

New ways of dealing with ageing and fillers | In And Out by FillMed

Not Your Grandma’s Injectables

With growing technology and scientific progress, dermal fillers are no longer limited to mature patients and appeal more now to millennials than ever before. We can identify four key elements that accompany each age group for their particular needs: Prevention, Beautification, Correction and Restoration.

Aesthetic injections have captured youth’s attention.

When it comes to ageing, they are in the driver’s seat. It’s no longer a race against the clock to prolong or resculpt a fresh appearance. For Dr. Sabrina Fabi, a California based dermatologist, «They [millennials] aren’t thinking about if they will have aesthetic treatments, it’s when to start». As the face of injectables has evolved, so has the mentality of their consumers who are more proactive and less skeptical about testing different products.

A New-age Fillosophy

In regard to recent studies, physicians have observed a turning point amongst their patient’s demands. While celebrity inspiration photos seem to be a thing of the past, examination rooms are witnessing a record-breaking amount of people bringing in personal photos, who simply want to look like a better version of themselves.

*Fillers are medical devices. Any medical device can entrain adverse effect. Ask your doctor for more information.